Welcome. Join us as we create an incredible music and dance video based on a rock guitar instrumental called Corkscrewed, composed and played by Sieg Pedde and highlighting the pyrotechnic twang of renowned guitarist Will Ray. Accompanying the music will be numerous dance styles from the last hundred years or so, plus ethnic dances and even Hip Hop.
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Corkscrewed Project - Interview with Sieg Pedde
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Published: Thursday, 11 April 2013
Corkscrewed composer Sieg Pedde talks about how the Corkscrewed Music and Dance Project came to be.
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sieg.pedde  - 7 years ago
Watch this page for more teaser videos coming up and ultimately for the final Corkscrewed Music and Dance video when it is complete.
Purchase your very own copy of Corkscrewed, featuring Will Ray and Sieg Pedde on guitar, at:
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Was it fun and educational? Zach thinks so!
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