Welcome. Join us as we create an incredible music and dance video based on a rock guitar instrumental called Corkscrewed, composed and played by Sieg Pedde and highlighting the pyrotechnic twang of renowned guitarist Will Ray. Accompanying the music will be numerous dance styles from the last hundred years or so, plus ethnic dances and even Hip Hop.
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The Corkscrewed Music and Dance Project will use a team of photographers and videographers, instead of one of each. Why? Every artist has a different vision. Some are better at one thing and others are better at another. The Corkscrewed music and indeed the entire project have a feeling of chaos about them. Sieg thinks that is a good thing, at least creatively. Each participating artist gets a lot of autonomy and creative license, but the final video will get tight editing so that there will be cohesion and elegance. You will like it! And we are enjoying creating it for you.

Videographers and Photographers for the Corkscrewed Music and Dance Project are featured below, with links leading to unique pages for each featuring their work, not only for the Corkscrewed Project but other creations of theirs that may interest you as well.

Director -- Wes Edgar
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