Welcome. Join us as we create an incredible music and dance video based on a rock guitar instrumental called Corkscrewed, composed and played by Sieg Pedde and highlighting the pyrotechnic twang of renowned guitarist Will Ray. Accompanying the music will be numerous dance styles from the last hundred years or so, plus ethnic dances and even Hip Hop.
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The Music

Canadian musician/composer Sieg Pedde wrote a rock 'n roll guitar instrumental in 2010 called Corkscrewed. Sieg had long been a fan of the Hellecasters, an American guitar trio from the 1990s, and he had their sort of raucous style in mind when he wrote Corkscrewed.

The Hellecasters featured three lead guitarists: John Jorgenson, Will Ray and Jerry Donahue. They would all take turns playing lead guitar parts in their music, each with his own inimitable style. Sieg thought that Will Ray's style would be ideally suited to Corkscrewed and on a whim, Sieg wrote an email to Will Ray to see if he would play along with Sieg in a sort of dueling guitar arrangement. Will agreed and Sieg's dream for Corkscrewed was underway.

Will lives in Asheville, North Carolina. Sieg lives in London, Ontario, Canada. Getting together physically was impractical, so it was decided that each participant would record his part and the resulting music files would be sent back and forth in electronic format until the project was complete.

The first task was to come up with suitable backing tracks. Sieg approached Nashville arranger/producer Warren Ells to see if he would create the tracks. Warren chose Hammond B3 Organ, rhythm guitar, bass and drums as backing instruments to produce a solid, almost retro rock n roll sound.

When Warren and Sieg were satisfied with the instrumentation and mix of the tracks, Sieg sent them to Will. Will then recorded his parts in his frenetic, pyrotechnic twang style and then Sieg was ready to do his part. He recorded his tracks at Michael Marucci's 'Sonic Zen' Studios in London, Ontario, and finally, Corkscrewed was ready to go.

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