Welcome. Join us as we create an incredible music and dance video based on a rock guitar instrumental called Corkscrewed, composed and played by Sieg Pedde and highlighting the pyrotechnic twang of renowned guitarist Will Ray. Accompanying the music will be numerous dance styles from the last hundred years or so, plus ethnic dances and even Hip Hop.
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The Dancing

A great tune has to have a music video. What goes together well with music? Dancing, of course. In the summer of 2012, Sieg Pedde thought it might be fun to create a different kind of music and dance video for his Corkscrewed tune. Because the song is quite long - five minutes and forty seconds - and has tempo changes, Sieg came up with the idea to do a music video with a fascinating juxtaposition of popular dance styles from over the decades, augmented by interesting ethnic dances, all set to the rousing rock ‘n roll ‘Corkscrewed’ instrumental backing.

Sieg enlisted the help of his assistant, Nick van der Velde (who is also a break dancer with the tag name Nasty Nick) and the Corkscrewed Music and Dance Project was underway.

This website chronicles the Corkscrewed Music and Dance Project as it develops. The music video that is the final culmination of the project will be seen here and on YouTube and also on social media sites including Facebook.

Stay tuned as we update information on the Corkscrewed Project. We hope you will enjoy our efforts.

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