Welcome. Join us as we create an incredible music and dance video based on a rock guitar instrumental called Corkscrewed, composed and played by Sieg Pedde and highlighting the pyrotechnic twang of renowned guitarist Will Ray. Accompanying the music will be numerous dance styles from the last hundred years or so, plus ethnic dances and even Hip Hop.
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The Corkscrewed Project is grateful for the participation of the dance studios and dancers and the many others who support our project idea and help cheer us on. We would like to dedicate this page to everyone involved.

  • Nickolaas van Der Velde
  • Sieg Pedde
The Music
  • Sieg Pedde – Composer of the Corkscrewed song and guitarist
  • Will Ray – For playing the main guitar lead on Corkscrewed and who, through his music both individually and as part of the pyrotechnic twang trio, The Hellecasters, has been a great inspiration to us all.
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